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When we arrive at the venue we will require approx 1.5 hours to load the equipment inside, set up, test and be ready to perform.
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Our first set is 45 minutes long.
Our second set is just over 1 hour long.
If you are not hiring a separate DJ we can play background music through our PA system before we play, during our break and cranked up loud for some disco for up to 30mins after we finish. We do not offer a traditional manned DJ service but do have a great party playlist with a good selection of familiar party favourites to suit most occasions.
If you would like to provide your own playlist to run through our system please indicate how you will supply it to us. We can connect most devices - we can not play CD's.
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If your arrangements change in the run up to your event in any way which will effect our performance you must notify the band immediately by email. In these circumstances we reserve the right to re-negotiate or in extreme circumstances terminate your booking.