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Booking Contact Name
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Please suggest a time we should arrive at your venue. We will require 1.5 hours to load the equipment inside, set up and test before we can begin our performance. Check with your venue what time we can gain access to the performance space.
If you need us to set up earlier than 1700 please give details below. NB. Early set up may mean an increase in fee quoted.
Our first set is 45 minutes long.
Our second set is just over 1 hour long.
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Please indicate whether you would like us to supply your background music. Once we are set up we can play background music from a playlist through our speaker system. We are happy to do this before we begin, during our break and for 30mins after we finish.
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Please indicate your first dance plans. Due to the volume of shows we play we do not take requests to perform first dances. We suggest we play your track of choice through our system nice and loud then begin our live show immediately afterwards.
Let us know your track of choice and we will download ready for the big moment.
Please feel free to give us any supplementary information you feel may be relevant to the set up and delivery our performance.
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If your arrangements change in the run up to your event in any way which will effect our performance you must notify the band immediately in writing by email. In these circumstances we reserve the right to re-negotiate or in extreme circumstances terminate your booking.